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  • Strategy

    investigating and analysing
    markets to position
    your brand.

  • Identity

    innovating and crafting
    your brand’s core

  • Packaging

    measured exact,
    handled with care,
    packaged just right.

  • Digital

    interactive experiences,
    as eloquent as
    the eiffel tower.

  • Interiors

    creating an ambience
    ensuring you are the
    last guest to leave.

  • Advertising

    exuding style
    and panache with
    more efficiency.

  • Social

    a modern day speakeasy,
    facilitating buzz
    around your brand.

  • Activation

    turn the key and
    watch your audience
    interact & refine.


Human creations, anchored in culture

We are a collective of passionate explorers from 15 countries. We exercise the art of forgetting what we know and look to maps of the past, as we scavenge for vibrant stories about the people and cultures that our designs inhabit.

With the intention of respecting our intrinsic relationship with the environment, we are dedicated to nourishing and strengthening the communities that we touch, to conscientiously using our planet’s resources, and to actively upholding our integrity by telling stories through design.

We believe that design is a labour of love as much as it is a love for labour. In our quest to harness the power of sustainable design to improve lives, we revel in the intense ruminations of the future of our world, in the scrupulous refinement of details, and in the thoughtful exploration of the rituals that mold our ideas into shape.

Our team of strategists, editors, graphic designers, architects, interior designers, product designers allow us to shape every single touch point. Everything we design is an opportunity to entertain a conversation with your guests, which is essentially what creates a one of a kind experience.

Each design element is a tool to maintain that conversation. It is an invitation to interact and to contemplate, entertaining rituals and creating habits.

It is an opportunity to tell your story and to tell a story that no else is telling.



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