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A Work of Substance

goodman westlink

echoing the rugged beauty of its verdant surroundings, substance’s interior work for goodman westlink is an exemplar for sustainable, modern logistic centres. the spatial concept is anchored on usability, flexibility, and integrity, enabling it to deftly respond to diverse users, from office executives to truck drivers, from visitors to valued clientele.

taking after the organised systems that power logistics, we methodically excavated and repurposed the resources available at our location. wood is reborn as structure and furniture; soil and minerals from the land transform into terrazzo and stucco that clads floors and walls. striking a delicate balance between industry and nature, a living workspace emerges — one that aims to give as much as it takes.

hinting at crown shyness — a fascinating phenomenon where tree crowns delicately avoid touching — our brand identity for greenroof signifies a canopy of intertwining paths, reflective of how our spaces find rooting and inspiration in its natural context.