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A Work of Substance

goodman westlink

nestled amidst untouched mountains, forests and a network of highways, goodman westlink unfolds as a first-of-its-kind benchmark for modern, sustainable logistics centres. usability, flexibility and integrity form the bedrock of this experience, catering to a diverse demographic of users, including tenants, office executives,
truck drivers and visitors.

organised systems are the essence of logistics. by excavating and repurposing the local biosphere, we created a system that harmonises multiple layers within the interior. wood rebirths as structures and furniture; soil and minerals from the land transform into terrazzo and stucco that clads floors and walls. striking a delicate balance between industry and nature, the result is a living workspace that respects the cherished environment
we call home.

hinting at crown shyness – a fascinating phenomenon where tree crowns delicately avoid touching – the greenroof’s identity symbolises a canopy of intertwining paths that merge back into the surrounding nature, creating
an uninterrupted flow.