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A Work of Substance

chalet nê

sheltering an itinerant family of four with roots in the east and west, chalet nê celebrates and encapsulates the warmth, sense of community, and artistry of east asian mountain cultures from its perch in the french alps. reflecting local building techniques and a sensitive gathering of resources from the chalet’s natural context, we symbolise the reverence early mountain tribes held for nature and its living denizens.

a steep cascade of pitched roofs topped with local larch wood shingles recall the peaks of the alps and himalayas, while ancestral stone wall patterns and intricate carpentry define the stalwart walls upholding the cavernous roofs. doorframe entrances and balustrade carvings pay homage to the drukgyel dzong monastery in bhutan, complemented by the la chaux plaster tempering the grain of the space’s reclaimed wood panels.

true to its savoyard name, chalet nê serves as a nest, ready to recharge its inhabitants for their next journey into exploration and discovery.