timothy oulton

the redesign of timothy oulton’s website captures the british brand furniture aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail. one of the challenges was to reflect their handcrafted product and timeless design. with retail outlets throughout the globe, the main idea was to extend their retail experience into a compelling and engaging digital experience. the website includes a full responsive interface adapted to all devices.

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financial times

“shape your knowledge” was a yearlong integrated campaign directed at educating key media buyers and media planners throughout asia pacific.

the objective was to drive awareness and educate media buyers on identifying the financial time’s readership and profiles. a seamless campaign was created by sending a bonsai tree to key media buyers with an online media kit showcasing newsfeed, widgets on readership profiles and case studies on the financial times. to recapture their attention, a care package was sent 6 months later to convey the bonsai’s relation to the brand’s trust, integrity and wisdom.


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founded in 1643, Maison Trudon is the oldest candle manufactory in the world.

substance was tasked to create trudon’s global digital platform. this new website showcases the Maison Trudon retrospective, its legendary “savoir-faire” and allows users to order its products online. our challenge was to subtly express the fantastic heritage whilst delivering a modern user’s experience approach.

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a boy named sue

a boy named sue – a multi-brand ecommerce store, offering a collection of socially and eco conscious for one’s sartorial desires. a boy named sue was inspired by a classic johnny cash song who’s father named him sue and faced ridicule his whole life. sue learns his name is to make him tough and strong-willed reflecting the brand’s promise of strong quality aesthetics and personality.

the identity was designed on a system by which it could be effortlessly redefined to create a series of new shapes. much like there is no one singular solution to eco-fashion, the form needed to be dynamic and transitional. the packaging and stationary also follow the system of the visual identity, with bold folds and bright patterns lining the seams, the visuals embrace a refined eclecticism. the website was the final piece of the puzzle, an interactive space that came together as a curated, easy to navigate and intuitive experience.


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la vache!

paying homage to the classic parisian steak & frites la vache! brings forth the parisian bistro culinary staple to hong kong’s restaurant scene.

we were inspired by the french cartoonist jean-jacques sempé’s humorous style and created a playground for him to express his witty la vache! moments: tables, walls, coasters, wine labels, toilet paper…

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lavache-identity-substance-01 lavache-identity-substance-02 lavache-identity-substance-03 lavache-identity-substance-04 lavache-identity-substance-05 lavache-identity-substance-06 lavache-identity-substance-07 lavache-identity-substance-08 lavache-identity-substance-09



madam sixty ate

we created the exploits of a mythical person that reflected the chef’s vision and the surprise pairing of ingredients. madam sixty ate is a mysterious adventurer and eclectic writer who delights us with her palate and imagination. her world view is modern with a twist, mirroring the style of food. her surreal experiences and astounding stories are reflected consistently throughout the brand using paintings, journal entries within menus, coasters and ultimately through the cuisine. the journey from discovering a new restaurant to after dinner farewell is a reflection of the journey madam has when she discovers the variable species which capture our imaginations.

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black sheep restaurants is a hong kong-based hospitality group committed to offering a smattering of dining gems in a neighborhood clutter of restaurants. the black sheep team is focused on providing culinary experiences that master the basics.

we wanted to express the personality of the brand’s legacy in creating unforgettable mementos by developing a graphic language that holds a harmony of personalities. each detail has a special characteristic and quality that makes the member integral within the family.

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blacksheep-identity-substance-01 blacksheep-identity-substance-02 blacksheep-identity-substance-03 blacksheep-identity-substance-04 blacksheep-identity-substance-05 blacksheep-identity-substance-06 blacksheep-identity-substance-07 blacksheep-identity-substance-08 blacksheep-identity-substance-09 blacksheep-identity-substance-10 blacksheep-identity-substance-11



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a true botanist’s paradise, grass restaurant and lounge is a carbon-zero venture located in the hub of the miami design district. while savoring the “eco-friendly fare,” patrons can rediscover first-hand the leafy delicacies on their plates by strolling through the vivid space, where ingredients are grown everywhere in vertical gardens. all organic waste is discretely used as compost for the plants and all communications collateral uses 100% recycled materials.


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for their 2012 winter jewelry collection cartier came with the challenge to write and create a “catalogue film” based on already existing footage of a baby panther. the film/campaign also had to be activated in social media.
in order to be able to create the story we used cgi to “glue” together the real footage.
we then took each and every frame of the movie and created special hand made, numbered and stamped cartier winter tale cards. we released a number of these winter tale cards for each of the days remaining to christmas and invited people to look for them on the site. if you found one you could claim it on the site and have it sent to you.




Cartier Cartier2

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chom chom

vietnamese street culture was the driving force for chom chom, a vietnamese restaurant nestled in hong kong’s soho district. we zeroed in on the most prevalent objects in hanoi’s street life – metal spoons, plastic stools and the flag – and turned them into recognisable symbols.

stencilled advertisements hastily painted on concrete walls became inspiration for chom chom’s typography. the layered and soft, absorbable feel of watercolour across all the visuals reflect the way the food drinks up the sauces it is dipped in, as well as how the cuisine is chopped up then layered back together.

guests at chom chom embed themselves with what is quintessentially vietnamese, transformed into stunning icons of the country’s true self.

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chomchom_identity_001 chomchom_identity_002 chomchom_identity_003 chomchom_identity_004 chomchom_identity_005 chomchom_identity_006 chomchom_identity_007 chomchom_identity_008