the year of the pig

the year of the pig carries a symbol of “abundance ». this porky zodiac brings you prosperity, fertility and plenty of luck. to send blessings to everyone in the coming year, we designed 8 auspicious red packets that illustrate an array of fortunes treasured in the pig’s full belly: harmony, morality, happiness, longevity, love, peace, success and wealth. gold stamping and spot uv finishing was applied to bring a sense of crafted opulence with each packet individually hand wrapped in ribbed kraft paper, ready to be gifted to friends and family.


founded in 1643, maison trudon is the oldest candle manufacturer. maison trudon extends its savoir faire and unveils a line of personal fragrance. substance accompanied the brand with its communication strategy, global branding, packaging, print and digital design. our challenge was to subtly express the rich brand heritage whilst reinterpreting a modern approach.

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financial times

« Shape your knowledge » est une opération de marketing globale, intégrée, réalisée sur une année, destinée aux annonceurs et aux media-planneurs de la zone d’Asie Pacifique.

Afin de les sensibiliser à l’importance du monde digital, un bonsaï symbolisant à la fois la confiance, l’intégrité et la sagesse du Financial Times est envoyé à chacun d’eux. Un kit de soins ainsi qu’un ensemble de ressources en ligne sur les profils du lectorat du quotidien et des études de cas accompagnent l’envoi, liant allégorie et informations tangibles.

Direct Mailing

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timothy oulton

the redesign of timothy oulton’s website captures the british brand furniture aesthetic and meticulous attention to detail. one of the challenges was to reflect their handcrafted product and timeless design. with retail outlets throughout the globe, the main idea was to extend their retail experience into a compelling and engaging digital experience. the website includes a full responsive interface adapted to all devices.

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house of dancing water

former creative director of le cirque du soleil, franco dragone brought to asia the world’s grandest aqua-acrobatic stage show, at a net budget of us$250 million. substance worked closely with the renowned creator of « o » and « le reve » to give birth to the house of dancing water’s identity: a universal story unfolds as free-flowing human form, dancing with the curves of calligraphic brushstrokes along the surface of our shared life-source – water.


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shanghai tang

an ad campaign and catalogue for shanghai tang 2010/2011 collection, the fauna and flora of gift showcases the power and impact of rich imagery at its best. the hardcover catalogue is designed as a coffee book displaying a camouflage of jewelry against the biological diversity in chinese woodlands. an exotic kingdom of plants were photographed to portray the marriage of asian greenery and the finest accessories of shanghai tang’s heritage.


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