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when nan fung textile company first started weaving in the 1950s, cloth was the most important raw material. in today’s globalised fashion industry, the finished garment is one element in the complex, high-tech pursuit of making fashion. talent and creativity are the commodities in demand: talent for ideas, design and reaching consumers through brand and story. drawing on over half a century in the industry, the mills, a groundbreaking project from the nan fung group, recognises that today talent is the raw material that matters. it must be nurtured and developed in the same way that cotton must be woven into fine cloth. to that end, the mills, in the same building it has worked in for the past 50 years, provides aspiring designers, entrepreneurs, and fashion technologists with the tools, the know-how and the space to make a truly modern, global fashion business, through collaborations with other institutions, exhibitions, mentorship programs with skilled artisans and a cutting-edge fabrication lab. 

these are the mills of the 21st century.


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financial times

« Shape your knowledge » est une opération de marketing globale, intégrée, réalisée sur une année, destinée aux annonceurs et aux media-planneurs de la zone d’Asie Pacifique.

Afin de les sensibiliser à l’importance du monde digital, un bonsaï symbolisant à la fois la confiance, l’intégrité et la sagesse du Financial Times est envoyé à chacun d’eux. Un kit de soins ainsi qu’un ensemble de ressources en ligne sur les profils du lectorat du quotidien et des études de cas accompagnent l’envoi, liant allégorie et informations tangibles.

Direct Mailing

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within the notoriously competitive marketplace of e-commerce, substance created twangoo’s identity from the birth of the brand and now recognised as the only mass- affluence group buying experience online, offering « the best deal in town » focused on quality, irresistable prices and first-class service. since substance was appointed as twangoo’s marketing agency, we have generated an amplitude of traffic and sales growth through elaborate marketing campaigns.


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every month at ddb, a lunch & learn seminar is introduced to engage industry professionals by inviting an acclaimed figure from the design industry to inspire and influence.
to capture a perspective lecturer we sent a direct mailer with a brain and an apron, characterising the speaker to be a master chef of a ceremony. attendees were sent an edm invitation of a cookbook devoted to the speaker featuring captivating gastronomic meats and ingredients. the books are then stored with a video of the speech located in a library of master chefs.


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yonge piggies

yonge piggies (pronounced “young”, and then “piggies”) brings authentic canadian street meat to hong kong.

with a quality product and a quirky name, we set out to create a lively brand that would capture a witty spin on the street meat concept. the brand is a nod to the retro-style diners of the 50s and 60s, with a modern spin. each hotdog on the menu became a character in the story of yonge piggies. from jalapeno, the spicy hotdog, to beef, the cowboy, we created charismatic pig characters for each unique flavor.

highlighted with trimmings of aluminium, retro red leather details and pinup girls covering the walls, the interior space is designed to combine the friendly atmosphere of an american neighbourhood diner with the in-your-face energy of a contemporary eatery.

branding: substance limited
interior: substance limited in collaboration with nc design & architecture ltd

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house of dancing water

former creative director of le cirque du soleil, franco dragone brought to asia the world’s grandest aqua-acrobatic stage show, at a net budget of us$250 million. substance worked closely with the renowned creator of « o » and « le reve » to give birth to the house of dancing water’s identity: a universal story unfolds as free-flowing human form, dancing with the curves of calligraphic brushstrokes along the surface of our shared life-source – water.


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shanghai tang

an ad campaign and catalogue for shanghai tang 2010/2011 collection, the fauna and flora of gift showcases the power and impact of rich imagery at its best. the hardcover catalogue is designed as a coffee book displaying a camouflage of jewelry against the biological diversity in chinese woodlands. an exotic kingdom of plants were photographed to portray the marriage of asian greenery and the finest accessories of shanghai tang’s heritage.


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