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Marcus Foley

with more than 30 years in the interior design industry including owning and operating one of asia’s leading interior design and construction companies, marcus brings all his skills and knowledge to substance after joining in 2020 as a partner.

marcus hails from australia and has lived in various parts of asia for 25 years. with experiences as a pioneer within the industry in late 90’s china, his ability in delivering award-winning projects across asia is a testament to his ability and dedication to design. marcus has a treasure chest of skills having worked in various roles including, interior designer, product designer, project/ client manager and construction manager. after creating and managing 16 design studios that offered a 360 degree project execution across asia pacific as the founding partner, his business was acquired by jll in 2016.

marcus’ role is to work alongside the client from orientation, to help defining a well-formulated project brief, to mapping out the team, and to achieving milestones by working along the dedicated substance team to achieve the delivery of world class services and design, thus ensuring successful project outcomes. marcus is actively working on the management and operational excellence of substance to ensure we provide our clients with the best processes, talent and design outcome. he takes a very hands-on approach and can brings value to any type of project in any location.