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A Work of Substance


since the production of old school incandescent light bulbs has been banned and substituted by longer lasting lights, such as led light, philips (the biggest producer of old school bulbs in the world) has been forced to reposition its business and brand to focus on interior and light design.
as the concept of light design is virtually non-existent in people’s minds, we not only needed to establish philips as the leader globally, but also establish the actual concept of light design. we needed to educate, inspire and entertain people about light design.
“the light show” was created as philip’s long-term ambition to establish themselves as the biggest, most useful and inspirational hub for light design on the internet. the platform is stuffed with loads of different content that is both entertaining and useful. the content is also used to activate the campaign all over the internet. below are some examples. for more, please go to the light show or the light show youtube channel.