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A Work of Substance


in pursuit of the unknown, ancient middle eastern stargazers sought enlightenment in the celestial realm. their exploration birthed a legacy of celestial navigation and wonder, guiding adventurers beyond familiar shores. this spirit of discovery inspires our brand identity work for arrazuna, a culinary haven showcasing the flavours of the middle east, nestled within one&only’s first urban resort at the linkā€”the world’s longest cantilevered structure.

this epicurean destination, aptly named “portal” in the levantine tongue, evokes tales of ancient astronomers and folkloric wonders. our identity echoes this, symbolising the portal that presages journeys into unexplored horizons. the adaptable identity system creates variety for the abundance of product, allowing flexibility for an ever growing collection. employing the traditional ebru paper marbling technique, we reflect the region’s age-old fascination with the cosmos and provide a visual thread that unites amidst diversity.